Riel Rosehill is an author of a wide range of short stories with a passion for speculative fiction and exploring LGBTQIA+ characters. She mostly writes in the genres of magical realism and fantasy with soft world building, adding a healthy dash of queer romance, ranging from sweet to dark.
Her writing journey started in Budapest, as soon as she could hold a pencil. Riel had been a member of a young writers’ club in her teen years there and spent her Saturday mornings writing inside the Tranzit Art Café whilst enjoying pastries and the best lemonade ever. Some of her early flash fiction written in Hungarian during that time had been published in an online literary magazine and in a popular womens magazine in print.
Riel now lives in the South of England, and decided to swap the language she writes in accordingly. Her stories have been published inside multiple short story collections and podcasts as well as on online platforms. You can find the comprehensive list of her published work on the Publications page, and read some of her stories on The Library page of this site. Links to her stories recognised in creative writing contests are listed below.
Currently, she is working on her debut novel, Drop of a Crown, a riveting fantasy adventure, along with a fantasy short story collection in the sacred time when her rescue collie is not lying across the keyboard.​​​​​​​

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