This is the page where you will find  Riel’s updates on her present and future writing projects.
If you are looking to learn more about Riel, visit The Author page, and if you fancy reading a story from a curated selection of her best short fiction, head over to The Library for your magical adventure.

⚔️ The Unfortunate Adventures of Prince Cuthbert Winkwilliam was selected to be published in the Secret Attic booklet Volume 2 Issue #2. Find this story on my Reedsy profile through the library page.
🌻 Sunflower Dreams had been published in the Secret Attic booklet Volume 2 Issue #1 among many great short stories and flash fiction. The collection is available in hardcopy here, but you can also read this story for free in the library.

Not all short stories remain short.
After finishing her first novel, Drop of a Crown, Riel will move onto other projects inspired by her short stories.
The Fire Within and  Alice Through The Broken Glass will be extended into novels, whilst Stars to Dust, The Damning Wish and Under the Spell of the Morning Star will be part of a collection of interconnected short stories, following the journey of an angel, Selaphiel.
You can find these stories over on the the library page.
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